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Every plan includes unlimited users and access to all of Modelbit's MLOps features.
Modelbit's Cloud


+ compute
Only pay for the compute you use when your models are actively running.
Get started with $25 in credit
  • Unlimited users
  • Autoscaling compute
  • Model logging & monitoring
  • Sync model code with your git repo
  • Model registry
  • $0.15 / CPU Minute
  • $0.65 / GPU Minute


Get reserved compute instances, volume discounts and custom contracts.
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All On-Demand Features +
  • SSO Integrations
  • Private Networking
  • Guaranteed SLAs
  • Custom Contracts
  • RBAC
Your Cloud

Self Hosted

Run modelbit in your private cloud infrastructure for ultimate security and control.
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All Enterprise Features +
  • Implementation Support
  • Migration Assistance
  • Deploy to any private cloud
  • Use your committed cloud spend
  • Private Slack support channel
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Which machines are available?

Every Modelbit account has access to CPUs,  as well as T4, A10, and A100 GPUs. If you need something bigger, just let us know.

How do you calculate compute minutes?

Modelbit only charges for the compute you use when your models are running. No network, storage, or other hidden fees.

Do you charge for users?

No. All Modelbit plans come with unlimited users.

What's the best way to figure out what my costs would be?

Reach out to the Modelbit team to request a free trial. We don't require payment if you need to run a proof of concept.

Which types of models can I deploy with Modelbit?

Any model. Whether you've built it from scratch or downloaded it off of Hugging Face, if it's built with Python - Modelbit can support it.

Deploy Custom ML Models to Production with Modelbit

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