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Machine learning teams deploying with Modelbit

A REST API for every version of every model

Jupyter Notebook. Jupyter Lab. Colab. SageMaker notebooks. No matter which you choose, pip install modelbit and modelbit.deploy() work out of the box.

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Sample data rows and results metadata from a Modelbit dataset
Snowflake code calling a Modelbit model

Your model becomes a SQL function in Snowflake and Redshift

Modelbit automatically creates a SQL function for every version of your deployed model. Access batch inferences in batch directly from warehouse,

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Call your model on the regular from dbt

Get live inferences when your dbt models are built, or when they're referenced. Modelbit works out of the box with dbt Cloud and dbt Core. Integrate your ML code directly into your dbt model, no matter which dbt materialization strategies you choose.

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Snowflake code calling a Modelbit model

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