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Modelbit is a small but mighty team of startup veterans based in San Francisco, California. From the founders of Periscope Data (sold to Sisense for $130M), and backed by top Silicon Valley investors, it is positioned from its inception as a leading startup in the MLOps space.

Modelbit is Heroku for Data Scientists. It's the easiest way for them to deploy machine learning models, and it grows to become the cloud operating system where they manage all their running models. From experimental regressions to production deep neural networks, customers deploy ML models every day and those models run as part of their production infrastructure. Modelbit routinely handles batches of millions of inferences at once, as well as online inferences with a sub-100ms SLA.

The role

At Modelbit, we hire full-stack software engineers who build and ship features, and own customer problems end-to-end. You'll sit side-by-side with the founders as one of the very first hires at the company. You'll meet the customers and new prospects, understand and empathize with their problems, and build solutions to solve those problems.

As part of owning feature development end-to-end, you'll be making changes throughout the stack: to our proprietary GitDB that makes the git file system into a database; the TypeScript-based web application; the Python introspection code that converts in-memory Python kernels to runnable Docker images; the serverless, isolated runtime environments for deployed models; and every other part of the stack.

About you

We're looking for senior full-stack engineers who are as eager to work in a performance-sensitive backend as they are to contribute to a functional, easy-to-use frontend. We prioritize candidates who have several years of experience owning the delivery of complex features end-to-end. Our stack is TypeScript, React and Python, but a track record of successful delivery that contributes directly to business success is more important to us than languages and frameworks.

We're a cheerful, positive bunch. We're collaborators at heart and we build well-connected teams that believe in each other and genuinely enjoy working together. We're committed to building an inclusive culture and a diverse team. We believe in leaving the industry better than we found it, both with the innovative software we deliver, and with the progressive hiring and management principles we live every day.

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